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Spice up your space

warmth & whimsy

Ever feel like your home is missing that extra spark of personality?

(We know you’re nodding right now!)

Tired of endlessly wandering HomeGoods for that perfect pop of personality? (We get it!)

Say Goodbye to Bland Walls!

Overpriced, poorly made, and trendy artwork isn’t the answer either,

Let’s infuse your home with vibrant, high-quality pieces that truly reflect your unique style. Stop wasting time and money—transform your space with Studio 1097!

The Magical Key to Home Transformation

Unlock the door to your home’s true potential with enchanting prints, whimsical stickers, and captivating decor.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery through immersive classes and design content, as we breathe life, joy, and vibrant personality into every corner of your space! 🗝️🏠✨

Studio promises

Ready to find your inspiration?

Enhanced Wellbeing

Experience a boost in mental & emotional wellness as you surround yourself with art that sparks joy and creativity and create a more uplifting home experience.

Inspired Creativity

Through engaging classes and design content, unlock your creative potential, gaining the skills and confidence to infuse your home with personal touches.

Joyful Living

surrounding yourself with vibrant art and decor, to cultivate a sense of joy and positivity in your homes, creating spaces that uplift and inspire them daily.

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Why Studio 1097?
Focus on joy & uplifting messages

All products and designs are created to uplift your mind & spirit. These designs will never go out of style.

Women founded & owned, in Central New York 

Erika is a NY based artist in the finger lakes region. Her artwork is inspired by daily life, a love of nature & her many adventures.

Quality & attention to detail at the core
From concept to final product. everything is loving prepared, designed and tested to ensure you love the final outcome.

100% original artwork

No AI artwork here! All of the designs, patterns & characters are originals inspired by nature, world cultures and daily life. Our signature style is lively colors, fun patterns & rich textures.

Ready to get inspired?

vibrant artwork that brings joy & personality to your home — in 3 simple Steps.

1 | Develop your artistic vision

Your quest for a unique home aesthetic requires a unique set of skills — the kind that celebrates your individuality. I’ll guide you through the discovery process, with simple quizzes & guides so that the art you pick reflects your style, values, and story.

2 | Follow your creative intuition 

Now that you’ve discovered your style and decided how art fits into your space it’s time to fill your life to brim! 

3| Embrace your artistic flair

Join us for a creative class to further explore your artistic talents and unlock new levels of creativity. Success is not just about beautiful decor—it’s about fostering growth, inspiration, and joy in your home and beyond.

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Available on Youtube & wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Hey there Friend. I'm Erika.

Artist, Educator, Organizing Queen, Systems Lover, Disney Lover, Wife & Puppy Mom.

You need someone on your side who understands your desire for vibrant, personalized home decor and values your unique style.

Everywhere I looked, I saw a lack of joyful, authentic home decor options that truly resonated with individuals seeking to infuse their spaces with personality and warmth.

That’s exactly why I founded Studio 1097.

Now, I curate vibrant character artwork and decorative home decor for creative individuals—just like you—so you can transform your space into a sanctuary of joy and authenticity.

Let's kick start your creative journey

Ready to infuse your space with personality & Inspiration?

Explore our online shop to find vibrant character artwork and decorative home decor. Each piece is crafted to add personality and warmth to your home. Elevate your home and embrace joyful living today!

Discover Custom Creations

Explore our custom artwork options and elevate your space with personalized creations. Whether you need creative business branding, a cherished family portrait, or other unique illustrations, we’ll bring your ideas to life.  Let’s turn your dreams into reality together!

Explore our diverse range of creative courses and discover the tools and techniques to bring your artistic visions to life.  With each course, you’ll not only develop new skills and techniques but also experience the transformative power of creativity. Let’s unleash your creativity and make your artistic dreams a reality.

Explore our free creative resources and unlock endless artistic possibilities. Check out our blog for insightful articles, watch our YouTube show for captivating content, join the creative challenges, or explore our ultimate resource list for valuable tools and tips. Let’s embark on this creative adventure together!

ready to find new inspiration?

Imagine finally unleashing your inner artist and reigniting your passion for creativity—get your hands on my **4-Week Art Boost Challenge** that’s tailored to help busy professionals and art enthusiasts find joy and inspiration in just a few minutes each day.
By joining this challenge, you’ll receive daily prompts and activities designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule. Each day brings a new opportunity to explore different artistic techniques, all while infusing your life with a sense of accomplishment and creativity.
Don’t miss out on this chance to revitalize your creativity and experience the transformative power of art.

Studio 1097

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